Speaking is an interactive event for me. I love watching understanding bloom in the faces of a group or having someone bold enough to raise their hand and ask a question. The energy that develops in a room full of people who begin to connect at a heart and soul level is God’s delight and one of the ways He inspires us to move forward with courage and faith. Ideas flow, excitement builds, and we lift one another up in the pursuit of understanding the Bible and how it really does apply to every area of our lives.

Ladies_FellowshipWhat can we do together? We can learn, grow, laugh, cry, and come away better for having spent time together. Here are some things I love to talk about, but if you have your own ideas, let’s chat. Your event will have its own flavor and appeal to the audience you’re inviting. Maybe we need to build something unique.

Redefined by Grace: This is my core message of exploring the things and people who define us, then pausing to consider how God wants to define us. Once we’ve opened this door, then it’s time to act and pursue the inspiration.

Behind the Mask: Women tend to hide behind a mask they’ve created based on what the world likes to see. What happens when we take off the mask and learn to be real? Freedom!

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