Endangered Species: Little Girls?

Gender-ChalkGendercide is claiming the lives of tens of thousands of girls in India. Gender specific abortion, infanticide, and high mortality rates in females under age five are systematically lowering the number of women in this emerging nation.

The reasons are complicated, but the results are devastating to this colorful nation’s culture. When one first hears of gendercide it’s almost too horrific to contemplate. Even after a recent visit to India, I find it hard to fathom what’s happening there. India is a nation of exotic sights and animals.

Beautiful people, in manner, appearance, and dress are everywhere. Brightly colored sarees are still traditional dress for women and it’s hard not to stare. The fabrics and hues are stunning. And yet, behind the beauty is a deadly secret. The commonplace killing of females…unborn, child, and adult. While traveling in India, we heard nightly news reports full of stories involving rape, sexual abuse, and murder. Abortion is rampant. Young girls are not always cared for properly and allowed to die of treatable illness. Women are at risk of being taken from the street.

In fact, the wife of our host was once grabbed by a passing motorcyclist in an attempted kidnapping. Fortunately, her companions were able to intervene and save her, but imagine the terror of the moment. Then understand it happens all too frequently, and oftentimes the results are quite different.

In coming posts I’ll explore the gendercide issue and voice a cry for change. God has given me a love for the people we met while traveling in India. Everywhere we went we were well-received and treated with great kindness and respect. India is clearly poised on the edge of great change in industry and economy. Perhaps, on the gendercide issue, it is also ready for change. How can Americans help countries with problems like gendercide?

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