Meet Donna


Welcome! If you enjoy growing in your faith and learning how to apply the Scriptures to everyday life, we’ll be great friends. I’ve found God’s Word to hold solace, wisdom, and navigational beacons for life’s journey. Real life in the 21st century is not always blue skies and butterflies, but in the midst of turbulent times we can find joy and yes, even adventure in following the path God lays out for us in the Bible. Come, join me in the journey!

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I love weddings. I love watching them. I especially love performing them as a minister. The beauty of seeing two people meld their lives together and embark on the adventure of life satisfies the romantic nature of my soul. Recently, … Continue reading


Gendercide is claiming the lives of tens of thousands of girls in India. Gender specific abortion, infanticide, and high mortality rates in females under age five are systematically lowering the number of women in this emerging nation. The reasons are … Continue reading